Marvel sued over Xmen Animated theme song

Cedric Wright

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Marvel Entertainment, the Walt Disney Company, and others are being sued for copyright infringement over the 1990s theme song Xmen: Animated Series due to the shocking similarities to a 1980s Hungarian cop show. These similarities have been brought up before online in forums, and now a representative from the estate’s original show’s composer has reportedly filed a lawsuit. Zoltan Krisko, representing the estate of the late composer Gyorgy Vukan, claims that the Xmen theme is based off the  Vulcan theme “Linda” a 1984 – 1991 Hungarian Cop show. According to TMZ, the lawsuit names Marvel, Disney, Fox, Amazon, and more as defendants. TMZ also lets us know the lawsuit alleges “…all the success the franchise achieved for Marvel and many other companies is a result of that iconic song and as he claims, stolen theme song.”

Below are links to each song. You be the judge. – Xmen theme – Linda theme

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