Where is the Ghost Rider?


David Garcia

Think of all your past sins, your misdeeds, your mistakes. Maybe you have forgotten them, but the spirit of vengeance has not forgotten. Which begs the question where is the Ghost Rider and his next movie?

The Ghost Rider is Marvel’s demon hunter doing his part to keep demons and the devil in line while also protecting the innocent and punishing the guilty. The Ghost Rider has already had two movies produced by Sony titled Ghost Rider and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. In these films Johnny Blaze, the man who has the spirit of the Ghost Rider, is played by actor Nicolas Cage. The two films earned a total of 362 million dollars, but the riders fans are questioning why he hasn’t earned another movie.

Some reasons to why there is no new Ghost Rider movie is because the rights to Ghost Rider have been given to Marvel and they are not interested on working on this project at this moment as they finish their 10 year plan with the conclusion to Infinity Wars.

Along with that Nicolas Cage is not interested in playing Johnny Blaze anymore. Ghost Rider has been sighted on Agents of Shield a Marvel TV show, but there is backstage conflict between Marvel movie director Kevin Feige and Marvel president Ike Perlmutter and Ghost Rider is stuck on television instead of the big screen. Another factor is that the fictional character Johnny Blaze is old news and on Agents of Shield a new Ghost Rider Robbie Reyes played by Gabriel Luna is becoming a fan favorite.

With all this baggage on the character is there really hope for him? Well yes there is because a new Marvel movies titled Avengers Endgame is coming out very soon and this means many contracts are suspected to be ending for some of our favorite characters such as Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor. So we may see this spirit of vengeance return with a brand new flame.