Club Day

Ziana Quintero, Imani Boatwright , Reporter

What People Are Saying…

Chavez Club Day

By, Ziana & Imani


Club Day took place on August 30th, 2017.  You could hear the roar of people as you walk to the lunch quad area. Clubs were all around and you can see signs waving back and forth to join their club. People were also performing for their clubs in the middle of the quad. There was a lot to see and hear all around on this successful Club Day. Lots of people mentioned that, “this club day looked like many people were involved and the people looked excited.” This was definitely an event not to be missed! The purpose behind Club Day is to spread awareness towards a variety types of things and getting people more involved. It gets you more involved with both the school and the community. It never hurts to try something new. If you haven’t joined it’s not too late to find out club meetings and be involved!


As the Editor in Chief of The Oracle I have compiled a compilation of what students were saying about club day. Club Day articles for the student population to browse through and familiarize themselves with clubs across campus. You can view these articles below:


Chassidy Thongsy

The main point of Club day was to recruit new people into joining extracurricular activities. Don’t be afraid to come join the clubs because you will be able to get life experience and meet new people, which is a bonus! They have a variety of groups such as Key club, MESA, French club, Chinese club, along with plenty others.


Christopher Rivera

As always chavez has their club day today as they do every year. This gives freshmen a chance to try something new this year and get more with school. The clubs are a big help to the school, they raise money for themselves and also for the school. The clubs help make Chavez show what this school means bringing people together for a common goal or interest. All clubs will have their own type of fundraiser but they have to come up with their own ideas to help them fundraise. All clubs have one common goal, and that is to get as many people to join their group as possible but to have fun in your club with the people you have in there. The clubs also make the school more exciting, some kids do not want to go home after school. They would rather be with their friends and this gives them an opportunity to do that. Clubs aren’t for everybody but if you give it a shot and try something out of your comfort zone what do you have to lose.


Tarnvir Kaur

Titans spirit was visible on the club day where the club members carried the tradition. The representatives of different clubs came together and were trying to spread the words about their clubs.The club day was held in the lunch quad, where all the clubs were present and informing the Freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors about their clubs and why it is important for them to join. Club day gave a chance to the students of Cesar Chavez to serve for their community by joining different clubs. The students were very provoked to join the clubs. The upperclassmen were also helping the freshmen in finding the best clubs that will make them shine in their college applications. Mark a freshman said, “I am excited to join different clubs, make new friends and I can’t wait to do community service”.


Keven Nguyen

Club day is here and anyone that wants to join a club can join any club they want. There are a lot of clubs to choose from depending what you want. There are many different clubs for different people. Everyone gets to advertise their club with food and drinks. They also have a person who plays song in the middle of the quad. Some club advertise by dancing, some advertise by drawing posters, and some advertise by demonstrating what they do in the club. As the whole club danced, the students were cheering them on. The club successfully gathered many students. Club day only happens one day but students can still join any club you want anytime.


Meleana Flores

Club day is where our schools clubs set up booths for our students to get a chance to sign up to participate in whatever club they choose. They play music and have a variety of clubs to choose from. The key club is a student led organization whose goal is to encourage leadership throughout our school.” She knows that joining clubs look great on college applications and look great on a resume because it shows involvement in extracurricular activities and the community. Joining clubs no matter what club shows interest in school activities and is a great way to make new friends. It can also teach you new things such as the yearbook club, you learn how to build the design and make the yearbook for your peers. You can also learn something another student who isn’t really involved in school activities.


Katelee Tilley

During both lunches at Cesar Chavez High School multiple clubs came together to have new members join their club. The club day is headed by Katelee Tilley commissioner of Clubs and every year Chavez tries to have more and more students come out every year so that are clubs get bigger by the years. Also we have new clubs that want to bring positivity to chavez come out and try and make a new club. Every year it’s a very successful day and everyone always looks forward to having club day to meet new people and give the freshmen opportunities to have a fun day during lunch and have them come out and meet new people. We try to get everyone involved and this has been one of those days that gives everyone a time to get out of their comfort zone.


Drew So

August 30, 2017 club presidents gather up and set up to represent their clubs. Tydiss Scott and his friend poses for the camera as there pictures gets taken. Right before the picture had been taken Tydiss had went to perform his dance for Filipino Club. Numerous clubs from Speech and Debate to Mesa all came out and showed why you should join their clubs and what they will provide. Clubs are very important if you would want to attend a college because it gives you experiences and colleges like to look at your performances in clubs. Clubs will make you stand out to the other competions who want to get into the same college as you. Clubs are fun and gets you to know others around you and build a great skill in life that can not be taught , but learned through interactions with other people with same interests.


Some Of The Clubs At Club Rush


  • National Honors Society
  • Black Student Union
  • Stagecraft
  • Marching Band
  • Friday Night Live
  • True Titan Spirit
  • Skills USA
  • League of Legends
  • Speech and Debate
  • MESA
  • Los Danzantes
  • TLC
  • French
  • Chavez International
  • Poly
  • Chavez for Change
  • Video and Production
  • Chinese
  • Circle of Friends
  • Health
  • SAGA
  • Titans for Christ
  • Filipino
  • Trading Card Game
  • Math Titans
  • Origami
  • Dance Club