A Good Laugh with Friends

Miguel Pascual

The show I decide to do my TV editorial on is Friends. The reason why I decide to do on it that show is because Friends is one of my favorite TV shows. The show is about 6 friends that live in NY: Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross, and Joey. The group of friends face the problems of any other human being they sometimes face some strange problems but they always fix  it together

There  wasn’t always six friends there was once five friends. Rachel is the one that became the sixth friend . She was suppose to get married with her fiance but the wedding day came and she had doubts about getting married. Long story short she didn’t end getting married . She one day appeared at Monica’s apartment ever since then she been part of the group of friends. Rachel character is of a rich girl that went from rich to poor like everyone else. Monica and Chandler characters are more like the serious ones from the group of friends. Phoebe and Joey are the funny ones of the group . Ross character is like serious but at the same time he’s funny.

On one of the episodes that came on Season 1 episode 21 Monica’s credit card was stolen from her. She was freaking out because she had all her money. Phoebe and Rachel decide to help her find her credit card and find the thief that stole her credit card. Mean while the guys were doing there thing but Joey enlisted Ross and Chandler to a thing were they have to help him find a less ethic-sounding stage name. Long story short the girls end up finding the thief and her wallet come to find out a monkey stole it. But the funny thing is that the monkey has a name and his name is Marcel .

The characters were very believable because they did an excellent job on the roll they had to play. Monica did a good job at acting that they stole credit card. She was freaking out and I want to say at a point were she was crying cause of what happened. the want to say that the guys did a good job in the roll they did. But at the same time they didn’t play a big roll on this episode because all they did was get enlisted to a thing that Joey enlisted them in. The girls are the ones who played a bigger roll because how they decide to work together and the thief that stole Monica’s credit card .

I recommend this show to everybody that’s was to have a good laugh. I honestly didn’t like this  show at first because I would never watch a full episode. But one day I decided to watch a full episode and from there on I liked the show because I came to realize that this was a good and funny TV show. So yeah I suggest ya’ll to go on Netflix and watch the show because they have all the season on there and there in order .