Food Restaurant review

The restaurant I decided to tell yall about is called China Palace. It has really good Chinese food and a really good interior design. If you’re a fan of Chinese food you will love this restaurant. The place is really busy because many people love China Palace. It has received 4 stars many times from many critics and many awards.

When you get inside they have many seats for at least 4 people in each section. In the back they have a huge room for people who eat with more than 4 people and the room can also be reserved for special events such as marriages. They also have a huge menu ranging from many things such as soups , rice plates , etc.

I ordered an item off the menu called Mongolian beef. Many people who has eaten Chinese food may know this dish. It is a classic among Chinese cuisine but China palace’s Mongolian is really delicious. When it comes to you its steaming hot and has a beautiful brown color to it because of their sauce. It also comes with rice and vegetables and is absolutely delicious.