Let’s TACO About Tacos

Taco is love, Taco is life!!!!

Amara Prohm, Reporter

Nowadays, tacos became something most Americans are familiar with. Especially, since it’s the new trendy way to grab something on a go that can satisfy cravings at cheap prices.

In this generation, taco trucks have become more popular over the years it progressed. It could be found almost anywhere around Stockton. For instance, there are three located near Chavez; such as, a taco truck near Burlington, Stockton Steel, and Lowes.

Usually, a taco truck is known as a vehicle that sells Mexican food to their local customers. Around the 1800’s, there were a several  food trucks that distributed food to paying customers as an easier access to dine in for fast food. In modern days, not all food trucks only tacos. they are more diverse with experimenting with different food cultures; such as Chinese trucks, Koreans trucks, Thai trucks, and cupcake trucks.

Most tacos at taco trucks are prepared with the finest ingredients; such as fresh onions, tomatoes, cilantro, marinaded meat, corn tortillas and topped off with a green or red sauce. In results, it giving the tacos an authentic taste, which tastes absolutely better than any local fast food restaurant. Tacos comes in different varieties of meats, which can varies from marinated pork, chicken, beef, and sometimes shrimps or fish. However, most customers enjoys beef or pork tacos, since it’s a classic.

Tacos are so amazing!!!”

— Molica Ly, Junior, Creative and Performing Arts

The taco truck near Stockton Steels is a local favorite in the Northern part of Stockton. There are two types of tacos that it offers: the regular and the supreme. There isn’t a big difference between the two tacos; however, the supreme has sour cream, while the regular doesn’t. The regular taco price ranges from a dollar to a dollar and 25 cents. While the supreme taco is always 25 cents more than the regular, depending on which taco truck you go to!

The order was decent. The tacos came out a little more salty than usual; nonetheless, the sauces, tortilla, and vegetables helped balance the taste, considering the meat was overpowering. These tacos do satisfy the cravings of hungry customers.

When a person is dying of hunger and on the go, tacos from the taco trucks are the way to go. It can fill up many stomachs, or satisfy a customers craves. In minutes, tacos will always be the best food truck raves.

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