Cesar Chavez Multicultural Rally

Amara Prohm, Reporter

On April 21, 2015, Cesar Chavez high school held a multicultural rally in the gymnasium to showcase the diversity of the many cultures that can be found at this school.

The main concept of the assembly is for students to acknowledge the different cultures we have today. There were many clubs and performers that displayed their share of a certain culture to the school; such as, singing and dancing.

  1. Singing Titans- (National Anthem/ Alma Mater)
  2. Jazz Choir- Show you how to love
  3. Dance Club- Performed a Choreograph
  4. Ballet Folkorico- Performed a cultural dance
  5. Mariachi- Performed a cultural musical piece/ Promposal
  6. Polynesian Club- Tahitian Dance
  7. Cambodian & Laos- Cultural Dance
  8. Winter Guard- Performed a Choreography
  9. Winter Drum Line- Performed a percussion set
  10. Jazz Band- performed jazz songs

During the middle of the assembly winter guard had struck the audience with their touching performance. Compared to last year’s performance, winter guard has improved by an increasing amount. For example, the performers were more in-sync and portrayed their emotions stronger. Thus, stealing the audience’s attention.

Although the most of the performances was great, it seemed that the students in charge could have been more diligent with the transitions and set up. Most of the performers who sang, were not able to be hear, due to the lack of microphones. In addition, the transition wasted a god amount of “performing” time, since jazz band did not have the chance to finish their set. Overall, the performance struck the students one a positive note, providing them with new experiences with the different culture.