Orange has Become the New Black

Amara Prohm

If there is one TV show that holds great entertainment and relations to the real world, Orange is the New Black is the show for you, seen at any time or any day on Netflix. This show will not regret your time.
Orange is the New Black has a large amount of cast members, who plays a main part within the whole show. However, Taylor Schilling, starring as Piper Chapman, is the main focus. Piper is known as a classic white women with a great future ahead of her, until her past starts to catch up with her present. In result, Piper is forced to overcome many obstacles to surpass her time in prison.
Not only does Orange is the New Black has a variety of main roles, but it also has its share of minor roles as well. Some of the minor characters would be one of the correctional officers working in the prison; such as, George Mendez played by Pablo Schreiber. Mendez is known as the “crooked-cop”, which means he use his status to receiving what he wants, legally. For example, Mendez uses the kitchen’s delivery truck to seek in drug pill into the prison, because if he were to get caught he would easy put the blame on one of the inmates. Sadly, his character isn’t as active as Chapman throughout the entire series.

I love this show so much. Can’t wait for season 3.”

— Molica Ly, junior, Creating and Performing Arts

This show is gives you a little taste of daily live in a women’s prison. Orange is the new Black spends most of the first episode developing Piper Chapman’s character (played by Taylor Schilling) through the lens of an insignificant figure in her life and a creative use of flashbacks. Piper was stated guilty, she absolutely carried a suitcase full of drug money into another country for her ex-girlfriend Alex (played by Laura Prepon), and owns the mistake. However, as she says, it was during her “adventurous” post-college years, before she turned into the “upstanding white lady she was always meant to be.” She wants to do the right thing, but as one thinks she has already redeemed herself by turning into the middle-class ideal, and only turns herself in when her ex-girlfriend accuses her two years before the statute of limitations is up. Piper remains calm in front of family and friends, insisting they try not to  cry at their when saying her farewell at dinners, but still very fearful of going to prison, retreating to cry in a pinch of a moment on the toilet or lying in bed next to her supportive fiance Larry, (played by Jason Biggs). She wants to do the right thing by serving her time, but also thinks of prison as a place where she can spend time getting “ripped like Jackie Warner” and finally “read everything on her Amazon Wish List.”
The show “Orange is the new Black” is one of the most popular show worldwide. The characters relates to real life events and it applies to many inmates or adults.
If you’re looking for a show that includes drama, suspense, and an inside look on how a women live their lives in prison, then Orange is The New Black is definitely the show for you!