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Little dog big work

Bonnie Wilson, Editor

October 10, 2014

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While Yoda's small stature might not fit police dog stereotype, he could still get the job done.Yoda is a Jack Russel terrier. Yoda was rescued from a shelter. Yoda is trianed to find methamphetamine, heroin, cocain, marijuana,...

Yoda from Star Wars Not

Servaughn Galloway, Reporter

October 6, 2014

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Yoda the new Stockton Unified School District contraband canine will help our city more than we know. Yoda is the  first of many contraband dogs. Yoda not only belongs to officer Jue but is the first and only contraband do...

Spirit Week: Saved by the Bell

Princess Carnecer and Angelina Sam

September 29, 2014

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Aired on NBC for five seasons. It was show based on the daily lives of different high school students attending Bayside and it was named as one of the best 20 school TV shows by AOL TV. The main cast were Mark-Paul Gosselaar,...

The Great Yoda

Victoria Franco, Reporter

September 7, 2014

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He's small, he's fierce, he's ready to sniff any drug's, he's Yoda! Yoda, a Jack Russell, was brought into the Advanced Journalism class by our very own Stockton Unified School District Police Officer, Curtis Jue. Having small...

Jack Russells make great police dogs

Carrie Hang, Reporter

September 5, 2014

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Don't doubt the Jack Russell

Say Cheeeeese!

Princess Carnecer and Jasmine Phol

September 4, 2014

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Before the year ends, upcoming seniors (juniors) go to this end of the year assembly about their senior portraits. At this assembly, Lifetouch comes and show steps to how to make an appointment. If you  miss the appointment date,...

Solar Panel Construction

Bonnie wilson, editor

August 28, 2014

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Cesar Chavez is finally getting what I would like to call Solar panels. Solar Panels save a lot of energy and money. Cesar Chavez is not the only school in Stockton Unified School District that is getting the solar panels installed. Chavez...

Back to School Night 2014

Maribel Martinez and Branae Jarrett

August 26, 2014

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Back to School Night has always been an event where members of your family go to your school to meet your new teachers to be informed on what you will be learning throughout the school year. Yesterday August 21, 2014 back to School...

The Steps for Club Activation!

Matthew Mak and Domenyc Orozco

August 25, 2014

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Steps For Club Registrations! Have you ever wanted to make your own club? Well these are the steps for making your new club. Step 1: you need to get approved from Mr.Mata or Mr. Areida. Step 2: You need an advisor. Step 3:...

Yearbook on sale!

Andy Xiong and Matthew Fisher

August 25, 2014

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A yearbook is annual publication giving current information and listing events or aspects of the previous year.  A yearbook is something that almost every student should get at the end of the school year. Every picture journali...

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