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The Oracle

Youtube is the “thing”

Molica Ly and Minh Hoang, Reporters

October 11, 2013

Filed under Entertainment

In this generation, social media websites are a big part of teenagers' lives. They practically live on them! "I'm on Facebook all the time," Matthew Mak said. Nowadays, there isn't just one social website; there's a wide...

Everyone likes music, what’s your favorite choice in music?

Shameka Fore' and Kasandra Turcios, Reporters

October 9, 2013

Filed under Entertainment

Music plays a big part in everyones life. People listen to music while they're in the shower, while they're in the car on  their way to work, while working out at the gym, and for all types of activities. Not everyone has the...

Reality TV is big hit

Anita Marie Wertz, Publisher

October 9, 2013

Filed under Entertainment

With the addition of cable and satellite television, the number of shows available is staggering. While television viewer once were limited to news, variety shows and a handful of sitcoms, today's TV viewer has a seemingly unlimited...

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