Preparing for Our Future or Survival?


Angela Ortega, Reporter

Due to recent tragedies like the Florida school shooting, schools are not only preparing their students academically, but for survival as well. March 14, 2018 was national walkout day for schools across the country from Maine all the way to California. Almost every school across the country walked out of their classrooms at 10:00 am and remained in silence for seventeen minutes; one minute for every life that was lost in the recent Florida shooting.

Cesar Chavez principal Mrs. Jackson and assistant principal Mr.Hesse, along with student leaders, held assemblies for the students. In these 30 minute long presentations they explained what would  happen if the school was under an emergency situation and how we should  act if this ever happens. They went in depth to what the differences are between a soft and hard lock down. In a soft lock down the teachers are required to lock the doors and the students can continue with their activities; this is only for precaution. However, a hard lockdown is activated when there is extreme danger on or near the school campus. Teachers will have to lock doors, close windows, turn off lights, and students have to hide under their desk or something else in order to not be visible. It is very crucial that during this all phones must be silent as well as the students.

According to Mrs. Jackson, drill lockdowns will happen about once a school year. When a real lockdown occurs the students would be well trained and not confuse it with a practice drill. The students were also shown what to do in case they are not in a classroom when an attack occurs. They have to follow these steps: run, hide, and/or fight. At the moment you hear gunshots do not doubt yourself grab your phone leave everything else and run to the nearest exit or if you are outdoors run to a safe place and stay hidden. When running do not run in a straight line it is recommended to run in a zigzag pattern and do not look back as this will make you a more difficult target.

Once you find a safe place hide the best you can until the police come get you. If that place is a room lock the door , turn off the lights, if possible block the door with chairs, desks etc without making unnecessary noise, and hide. Fighting the attacker must be the last thing you do if it’s your only way out. Use whatever you can to physically disable the attacker; a pencil, textbook, or even a fire extinguisher. Many think the solution is creating more severe gun laws others think that more psychological help in schools or inclusion between students would be the answer. The only certain thing is that tragic events like Sandy Hook and Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School has taken away the only safe place for many teens.