Blog 5: Super curls!

Flat hair can be such a drag sometimes, it could be a bit boring, flat, dull, just plain boring. Girls now a days rave about super spiral curls, it can be a bit work trying to get this hair. Well now you can do it without any effort, making sure your hair is wash that very day so you can have fresh curls in the morning, taking any kind of rollers and tightly roll them from the tip to the roots making sure to secure it good so you don’t have any strays. After you’re done with rolling them in, take a shower cap of any kind or some type of wrap so it can be secure when your sleeping because you don’t want them to come out. You can even use a plastic bag if you don’t have anything to wrap it. In the morning carefully take off the object that is holding your hair, carefully taking out the rollers as well, and you should have super spiral curls! For a more of a crazy curl, try taking mouse and a little at a time apply it to the hair so you don’t have a frizzy mess, and just work with it until you get your desired look.