Blog intro: Six different Hairstyle Ideas!

Have you ever got tired of your everyday hairstyle? Did you try to change it up but really never knew what to do with it? Today is the day you learn different ways to style your hair from step by step and ways to keep it healthy as well. Everyone has different types of hair, thick course hair, thin fine hair, short and long, and so forth, But we have on thing in common and thats keeping it healthy and fresh. For starter its a must that your hair has all it natural oils and nutrients, things like coconut butter which can find at your local farmers market, shea butter as well as argan oil. There are products out there that contain those ingredients but can be a bit pricey so those are more affordable. Make sure hair is well wash and conditioned, but its important that you don’t over wash your hair, your should wash your hair and then skip a day, so it would be three days out of the week you don’t wash your hair this including the weekends. When getting out of the shower its also important that you comb your hair not brush it, your hair is like a rubber band when wet so brushing it can pull and tug making it very damaging to the hair. It could be hot outside and you feel like putting your hair up in a bun and just wearing a messy bun, try less to put up your hair but braiding it more often because of ┬áit be damaging to your hair, and it helps with the growth of your hair.

Hair is like our skin, it both needs moisturizing, to be clean, oils to get it healthy and care to it can stay alive.