2014 NBA Playoffs

Today three teams played. One in the west and the other two in the east. San Antonio Spurs against Dallas Mavericks, Miami Heats versus Charlotte Bobcats, and Atlanta Hawks facing off Indiana Pacers. SAS 93-DAL 89, MIA 109- CHA 98, ATL 107- IND 97. Things are heating up as the Miami heat sweep the Charlotte Bobcats. That was not a surprise to me when they swept them because Charlotte made their second playoff appearance ever for the franchise. While every other team are playing more than four games, the Miami Heat has plently team to rest. They are either going to play against the Toronto Raptors or the Brooklyn Nets. LeBron James carrying his team past the Bobcats with 39.3 minutes per game and a field goal percentage of .557 and a average of 30 points per game, that is a good start for James. It was a good effort by the Bobcats but they much to work on.