Blog Entries: Going To College

The Process Of Going To College

Introduction to Blog- April 28, Knowing What You Want To Become           CHRISTOPHER HAYWOOD

The process of finding, applying, and being accepted to college is tough. Not only frustrating but also long as well. It all starts with the goal of the person. Some people know from a young age what they want to become when they get older, and some figure that out as they adventure and experience events in their life. My name is Christopher K. Haywood, age 18, attending Cesar Chavez High School, and I am one of the few who knew what they wanted to become all their lives. I am also accepted to California State University of East Bay, and know the long, frustrating, and tiring process to become a college student. From the time I was little I always loved cars, planes, boats, helicopters, robots, and anything that could move. As I grew up I collected models and created robots. When I got to the age I then knew I wanted to be an engineer, but specifically industrial engineering. When searching for colleges know what you want to do in life, this can be done by knowing what motivates and inspire you, what captures your imagination? Once you know you can imply that to majors in colleges. The next step is to find top colleges with your interest. Simply using search engines like will be sufficed. After that step start applying! Speak to your high school counselor for additional questions such as transcript, GPA and more personal help. Make sure to take the ACT and SAT testing. Keep up with deadlines by having a calendar and a planner, and check/update each day. When starting to feel overwhelmed taking walks alone helps, and just fresh air in general will also help. Asking for advice is very much encouraged, especially figuring out what college to choose to attend to.

Blog Entry 1- April 29, Financial Aid         fa htd

The next process is financial aid. The best money given to you is the money you don’t have to pay back. Those would be classified as scholarships and grants. These can be found online at and many other websites for scholarships, but watch out for scams. If they ask for money then it is a scam. Be prepared to have parent or guardian information as well as your information ready, such as social security numbers, income, and taxes. They will be asked for and your parent or guardian may need to create an account with FAFSA also. Some organizations offer scholarships and so do sports. California Student Aid Commission is a website for grants. If you don’t know scholarships are grants or payments made to support a student’s education, awarded on the basis of academic or other achievement. Basically it’s free money that does not have to be repaid. All they do if you’re awarded is send the money to the school and the school applies it to your account for your fees. Scholarships can be found scholarship finders like I suggest contacting the financial aid office of the college. Always stay organized with dates and deadlines. It is very important to check for emails regularly to keep informed of events. By choice if you want some spending money a job can be an option. Extra activity money is never a bad idea, EVER! Materials like a pc will definitely com in handy in college, may also need a external hard drive. You should also think about buying a car for transportation, for the guys get one that is a chick magnet, not a slow-mobile. That means get a good job, stay on track with school, and stay groomed (the men understand). Try to apply for as many scholarships as possible, they will help.

Blog Entry 2- April 30, Being Admitted       jfkytdb

Once you get the admitted letter. One of the greatest feelings ever, especially when it is one of the colleges you really want to go to. When I got mine I literally jumped, so it is recommended by me to be excited for your hard work paying off. Make sure to post it on Facebook, instagram, twitter, and all other social networks, and don’t forget family and friends. The feeling of being admitted takes some of the stress away. There are still some steps left to cover. Some of those steps are to guarantee your placement in the college. Most colleges have student online log-ins, where you will check requirements, and updated status. One more thing, you should be sure that the college is the one for you, take a campus tour, and go to incoming freshman events. You should be very sure before signing the student intent to register, that you want to stay enrolled for at least the next four years. Note that the freshman admission can vary at different colleges, like CSUEB are: 4 years – English, 3 years – Mathematics: algebra, geometry, and intermediate algebra, 2 years – History /Social Science, 2 years – Laboratory Science, 2 years – Language other than English: the same language (possible waiver), 1 year – Visual / Performing Arts: art, dance, drama/theater, or music, and 1 year – Elective Courses. Speaking to your high school counselor should help you schedule your classes needed, and guide you to success. Once you are sure with your college choice and have sign the student intent to register, sign up for the orientation and make to mark it on your calendar. Admissions should email you notifications for orientation. There will be other information notifications for other steps also, so don’t think you are completely relieved of the process, remember that it is a long road of work, work, and more work, not talking about the class work in college once you start either.

Blog Entry 3- May 1, To Do List         images

Checking your personal to do list is an essential to know what steps are required once admitted. For example my personal to do list was selective service registering, official ACT and SAT scores, EPT and ELM testing, and final transcript. Registering for the selective service system can be easily done online at Once you register for the selective service system they’ll send you your selective service number by mail. Taking the American College Test (ACT) and the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) are required at most colleges and should be taken regardless. If you choose to go to a California State University like myself you have to take the English Placement Test (EPT) and the Entry Level Mathematics (ELM). Depending on the school and your situation you may have different requirements on your own to do list. Don’t forget to check financial aid grants and scholarships. You can check the online by viewing your college status, usually with the to do list. Remember the processes of these are indeed long, possible to take up the whole senior year. Having the to do list and a personal planner helps you manage the time with everyday life. Always have fun, don’t stress, and stick with the plan. Constantly check your email for requirements that need to be done and events that will help you with the process of becoming an official student. From experience, going to college events have always been fun, helpful, and informative. The college freshman events are created to give you a head start on completing their requirements. Become friends with people that are going to the same college, because they can help you as well.

Blog Entry 4- May 2, Calculating Cost And Tuition        ygyuuy

Calculating tuition cost and other expenses is a must. Shouldn’t just give money without knowing how much something cost, unless you are like Bill Gates then you can go ahead and do what you like. You should look up the cost of tuition, housing, meals, books, supplies, transportation, other educational cost, and extra personal spending money. For example, per year CSUEB tuition cost is $6,564. The housing and meals cost is $12,246. The books and supplies cost is $1,500. Transportation cost is $1,182. Other educational costs are $1,338. Personal spending money varies and I recommend getting a job. In total that is an estimate of $22,830/yr. Your estimated tuition and fees can be found on the college website, most of time under prospective students and cost and financial aid. Talking to a counselor will help you make important decisions such as ways to pay for college. Your counselor can also help you find scholarships. Contacting a college representative can help too, they will tell you if and how much in loans you can get, but try to make that your last choice, no one likes to pay back money. Paying back money sucks, so don’t, the best way is to get as many scholarships as possible and there are a lot out there. It is best to speak to the college representative about cost of attendance; he or she will help you better than the high school counselor, parent or guardian, or friend. All help is good help but I prefer help from the college itself. Online help also helps but sometimes it’s not all facts or it doesn’t tell exactly how to do something, or it can be opinions people post about. So get a calculator, planner, a pc, a phone, and find how much the cost of attendance to the college you are going to is.

Blog Entry 5- May 5, Turning In Forms And Deadlines      gtd,gjyv

The turning in of forms takes organization. There are a lot of forms to turn in from the beginning to the end and keeping them organized in order is key. Also having them in by their deadlines. No forms no entry, it is that simple. Sometimes and most of the time forms are filled out online. Some are on paper like letters of recommendations and personal statements. Writing may take long and be a hassle but it is worth it in the end. Try your best to finish and send in forms because it is more of a relief knowing that you are done with something and don’t have to worry about it later or procrastinating. It sucks to rush something so don’t, and to do that is by checking requirements and taking care of them. This where the planner comes in handy again. I think you should just have a planner in general; it is exactly what it is called. Help is everywhere, and if in doubt Google it. When I need help writing something I go to Google for help. Turning in forms is moderately frustrating, and if it is very important you should make copies of it. It would be a shame if turned in some forms and they were lost, have a backup plan. Online forms should be printed as well. You can also create a Google account to save documents of such in the Google Drive. To the Google Drive is much easier to save forms because it’s instant and easy to access. It is also very organized, which you can personalize by date, name, or in the order of your choice. Relieve yourself, turn in those form as soon as possible.

Blog Entry 6- May 6, Getting Ready And Checklist          gylfyf

Getting ready for college is the last step. Go ahead and take out that check list, if you don’t have one here is what should be on the one you’re getting.


Sheets, blanket, comforter & mattress pad – (XL Twin)
Towels/wash clothes
Desk lamp
Waste basket
Full length mirror
Bean bag chair
Foot locker
Underbed storage (if you won’t be lofting your bed)
In season clothing
First aid kit
Posters or wall decor
Shower tote
Family photos

Microwave (under 700 watts)
Mini fridge (under 3 cubic feet)
Bullet blender (Great for smoothies)
Hot pot or coffee maker
Pitcher with water filter
Mugs, plates and bowls
Can opener, pizza cutter
Paper plates/foil/plastic baggies
Pantry basics (PB, popcorn, soup, oatmeal packets)

Cell phone charger
Corded phone
Extension cords
Coaxial cable
Power strip
Cable organizer
MP3 Player
Speakers or docking station

Desk supplies (Index cards, highlighters, sticky notes)
Laptop/Desktop computer
Flash drives
Printer (with paper and extra ink)
Bulletin board/Dry erase board
Book light

Dish detergent
Sponge and dishcloth
Disinfecting wipes
Paper towels
Hand held vac
Laundry supplies (bag, detergent, fabric softener)
Instant stain remover
3M Wall hooks
Double closet rod

Shower shoes & slippers
Rain coat & umbrella
Bike/bike lock
Back pack
Walking shoes
Water bottle
Travel mug

Important paperwork (health insurance card, driver’s license)
Emergency contact numbers
House key for home!

Getting ready is important, so plan ahead and don’t procrastinate. You can find college check lists on many websites, best to use search engine such as Google or Bing. Have fun and make the best of your time. Enjoy college, get A’s, and party like there is no tomorrow.