Whats life without a best friend?

May 16, 2014

Hi there ! My name is Angela Garcia. I’m 17 years old. I’m a senior at Cesar Chavez High School in Stockton, CA. I was born on July 17, 1996. I Was born and raised in Stockton. My family is big I have 4 brothers who are younger than me and 2 sisters one is older than me she is 19. I live with my parents who I love alot. Life is very hard everybody has a complicated life nobody is perfect but we can all manage to make it better. I myself has made many mistakes throughout high school I didn’t have all the credits I needed to graduate so I got dropped and got placed in Advanced Path. That place didn’t help much I can honestly say, I only got to make up 1 class so they put me back at Cesar Chavez. I made up all the credits I needed and now I get to graduate with my class. I thank God for my friends and my family that helped me get through all this. Talking about friends I have two best friends Clarissa Vladez and Marco Cardona. They also attend and are seniors at Cesar Chavez High school. Clarissa and I have been friends since 5th grade. Marco Is my cousin so we been knowing each other since we we’re baby’s. Clarissa has been like a close sister to me! We been through alot and never lost faith in our friendship we can always count on each others for anything. There’s only 4 people I trust in this world and Clarissa is on the top of my list. We can talk about anything and keep a conversation going for days. We have made a couple mistakes in life but who doesn’t. Well one thing is for sure we always fix them. Clarissa , Marco and I are like The Three Musketeers not the chocolate bar , but the three best friends. My cousin Marco Cardona has been the best cousin and friend, yeah it can be dangerous to be around him because he can be a handful of trouble but its always a lot of fun to be around him. He is someone you can count on to make you laugh and cheer you up when your down. I don’t wanna brag but I got some BEST FRIENDS THAT ARE KEEPERS FOR LIFE.

Were the three best friends that anybody can have. Yes its true but anyways the things I enjoy doing with my best frieds is that we go out to eat at places and just hangout at the park or at each others house. Just recently we had went to go eat at Jack In The Box. We went walking so we burnd a little calories to make room for more calories. Yeah we’re fat like that. But while we were walking on our way over there we were making jokes about every thing it was pretty funny. My cousin had bought us some cheese cakes from there and they were pretty good. I remember our junior year we would alawys go to the park to chill and this one time we had planned to go to the park so we bought chips, cookies, and soda to eat and chill kinda seemd like we had a picnic but we had a good time because it was just us cracking jokes and just being silly. One thing is for sure that no matter where we are or how bad the situatuation is we are always gonna be cracking jokes because we always like to laugh at things and people to.

So theres always got to be a smart one in the friendship or else everybody would be making stupid choices in life. In this friendship I got to say the one with the most brains is my BG ( Baby girl ),Clarissa but theres times when Clarissa and I can get lost with out Marco around.Like for example this one time Clarissa and I had to go meet Marco Downtown so we had to ride the bus to him but I guess we had got on the wrong bus and we didnt know where it was taking us so we had to call Marco to help us. We called him and told him what had happend and he told us that we got on the wrong bus so he told us which bus to take well eventually we got on the right bus and found our way to marco but regardless of the mix up and all the time we spent trying to look for the rigth bus and finding Marco I thought that it was all pretty funny.Thats something we can laugh at later when we are older , wrinkly , and walking with thoes walking sticks that old people use.I could of found our way around the whole finding the right bus problem but that would mean that I’d had to use my brain and think but Im to lazy for all that. You can say that Im the lazy one in our friendship. I take full pride in that (:

So let me tell you a little of what happend today it was pretty boring but oh well I need something for my blog :P. Well every morning Clarissa and I get a ride from Marco. He usually picks us up at around 6:50 in the morning ( of course in the morning right who would want to start school later than six ? I Know I would so enjoy that I hate waking up so early ! ) but anyways where was I? Oh yeah Marco picking us up in the morning for school. Well every morning he picks me up first ( cause i’m cool like that ) then Clarissa. The ride to school Clarissa And I usualy have something to talk about or if not we listen to the radio or Marco’s music. Well we all went to our classes and learned like little nerds we are. Then it was lunch time that time when Clarissa and I get to eat and talk about people and stuff. Well anyways I usually see a friend who always makes me laugh you guys probably know him his name is Marcelo. Well I didn’t see him ( which sucked )but I was texting him so it didn’t suck that much. Anyways well all that happend and then lunch ended blah blah blah. So then we met up with Marco after lunch ( the usual ), to go to fourth period. Fourth period is always gets me tired! Why? Because its Body Improvement.Theres too much running involved! Worst part there isnt any cute guys to check out! Horrible right? But anyways yeah Clarissa and I ran our two laps and did our workout. Then When class was over we went to go change in the lockers. Its always really loud in there! When all that was over we stayed after class for Apex we stayed t’ill 3:30. Then my parents picked Clarissa, Marco and I up and took them home and after well we went our seperate ways I miss them already!

Well today’s blog I want to right about a special person , not only is he a best friend but you can say hes like a brother to me because he likes to call my dad his dad and well my dad likes to call him his son. Well his name is Marcelo Arevalo. He attends Cesar Chavez High School with me and what a shocker he is a senior as well. Well this guy I met my junior year. This friend of ours Michelle had introduced us and ever since that day we have been the best of the best of the best friends out there. I don’t consider him much as a best friend I see him more as a family member as well as Clarissa not only cause shes my cousin-in-law but because she has always been a sister to me and Marcelo has been like a big brother to me they have earned my trust my family’s trust and they have been very faithful to there promises and well everything else. They are my family. Marcelo has been a true person to me since day 1. I never doubted him he has always made me laugh and cheered me up so many times not only does he have a good side but a bad side ( like everybody else ) but his bad side is BAD. Never get him mad. When he gets mad he can bully you but in a funny way. I can write a whole essay about how much of a great person he is in my life but that’s just to much work I only need 300 words to complete this blog so i’ma just sum up how much of a helpful friend Marcelo is to me in thoes 300 words. He has never changed and he will never change he has a fuuny personality and can always CRACK a joke no matter how bad or awkward a situation is. One time we had went to Mcdonalds and ordered some chicken nuggets and fries ( yeah were fat so what ) anyways yeah we were eating and all we did was laugh the whole time I couldn’t eat my fries in peace cause all we did was laugh people around us would just look at us very weird. Oh by the way keep your bunny away from him he has a thing with bunny’s where he tries to eat them! Hes always telling me how he wants to eat my bunny! My bunny is to cute to be eaten! He name is Max by the way (: hes white with black spots! He is beyond adorable! But anyways back to Marcelo, well I’m glad we have kept our friendship throughout all these weeks, months,days,and years.

Well what journeys and adventures it has been throughout all these years with my best friends, and more to come. What would life be without these perfect friends. It would probably pretty boring! There would be nobody to make me laugh ( I like to laugh a lot by the way), nobody to be there to talk to when I have personal problems, nobody to cheer me up when I’m down and nobody to bring me food when I’m hungry. I hope that when we all get older we can still talk about the things that we talk about now, we will probably eat like we do now but we’re probably gonna be eating oatmeal, drink orange juice, cant even chew our food because we probably wont have any teeth. I’m kidding we probably are gonna have teeth? I don’t know how old people work, well my grandma has teeth so I will to. I’m already talking about being old Grandmas and Grandpas that I’m not even talking about our careers. Well I for sure is going to medical school to study to be a nurse. I just wanna do something fast and simple and just get school over with and just start working. Well Marco ,Clarissa and Marcelo I’m not sure what they are trying to study for but I know that they are going to go to college and study for something that’s probably gonna be good for them and I’m gonna support them all the way and help them out in any way that I can, because I know that they would do the same for me.I think I probably would be living with my parents until I get my medical career going which is probably gonna be for like a year I guess or 2 ? because a nurse is only 6 to 12 months ( depending where I go to ) study and then until I find a job then I’m gonna be out the house and living on my own. But also helping my family out because they have done so much for me.

So Clarissa, Marco, Marcelo and I are so excited for graduation! Well I still need to pull up this grade I’m having trouble with but I hope besides that probably I still get to graduate with my friends. I have tried my best this year to catch up with my credits so that I can make my family proud and be the first one to graduate in the family since my older sister failed at that I get to be the first one. I feel bad that my sister didn’t graduate but that was her choice. The school gave her many chances but she never even tried one bit to make a change. My parents were pretty disappointed in her and I’m not trying to let them down the same way she did to them. That’s where my friends come in because they were telling me not to give up that I have a chance and that I can graduate and well they never doubted me. Thanks to them I’m here in school and catching up on my grades. I hope that after graduation we never lose touch in our friendship and that we keep talking the way we do now and hangout like we always do. Graduation is a big accomplishment ( wow that was a big word for me to spell 😮 )anyways its a big step for us because now we have to go to college look for jobs and be on our own. Well our parents are still gonna be with us regardless of how old we get. That’s the good thing about parents that they love you no matter how much of a screw up you are and that they will always be with you in your bad days and in your good days. If i can’t turn to my best friends for support then I always have my mom and dad.

Let me write a little about my experience freshmen year with Clarissa and Marco. Well just like today Marco would take me to school. Not that I didn’t have a car or anything its just because my mom was to lazy to wake up in the morning to take me to school. Now you know where I got the lazyness from, my mother. Anyways well by that time Marco wouldn’t pick up Clarissa we would wait or she would wait ( depending on who got there first) for us buy tree in front of school we called it ” The spot “. That was our place to chill before school started. Well I’m not gonna lie freshmen year for me wasn’t okay because I was never there. I would always leave with a great friend of mine her name is Monica. Yeah we would always leave school to go eat and we wouldn’t come back t’ill school ended sometimes I’d do the same with Clarissa and Marco. Only sometimes though because they were mostly into school. I really didn’t wanna be in school because high school was scary for me come on I was freshmen In 8th grade they said that on fridays they throw freshmen in the trash and I was not trying to be that freshmen. But yeah anyways If I wouldn’t leave school with Monica then I would hangout with Clarissa or say Hi to her during passing period because we didn’t have a class or lunch together, I know I was sad to ;( but now we have a class and lunch together so what a great way to end my school year.

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