The trenches of high school

the first day

Hey my name is Ruben Torres and this is my new blog. I’m going to be talking about high school like the annoying teachers, all the home work, detention, the  lady’s lol the drama every thing you can think of. The good things and the bad things even how to avoid things and even if you have a question you can drop down a question or two.

Lets talk about before high school before your freshman year when you have the jitters, you’re excited, nervous and happy and you’re having all these mixed emotion. Once your first day comes you pick out your favorite out fit because you want to look fresh and impress people to catch people’s attention, and when you get there you try to look where your old friends are and see if you guys have the same classes or not if you have the same lunch and you and your friends talking about who’s hot and who’s ugly. Once you get into your classes you act all normal trying to look cool sit in the back of the class for you can scope every one out and you might see some people you know so you guys sit together just because you know them. Once it’s lunch time you text your friends ask were they are and to meet up with you that’s when you go walking around checking people out and trying to find a place to kick it at and talk about some of the girls you got in your periods after the first day you come home all happy that youe’re in high school thinking about all the things your going to be doing and tell your parents what happen or about the classes you have and from that point every thing is going good…