Alyssa Zavala’s Blog- #1

Heeyyyy. It’s Alyssa Zavala here! Well this is my first blog entry so I hope you all like it. (:

Dance 3-4 is a very fun class. You get to do all types of dances. Every Tuesday, we do ballet. Every Thursday, we do tap. All the other days, we either work on Cardio, (doing exercises and dancing like people do in Zumba) we work on our abs, (we do 80 crunches, 10 push ups, and some yoga type exercises that work on our core.) we work on our legs, (doing partner stretches and weird yoga poses that stretch our legs out) but most of all lately every day, we have been working on our dances for the spring dance that is this week. It is on Thursday, May 30. Maybe you could come out and watch me! Admission is $5, and for kids (12 and under) the admission price is $2. Doors open at 6:30, and the actual dance show starts at 7:00.