Blog 1 “My Life”

OMG!!! Hey guys!!! It`s so finally nice to meet you all! My name is Angela Moevao and I am a freshman at Cesar Chavez High School located in Stockton, CA. I am 15 years old and fully Samoan even though people may say I look Hawaiian. But anyways, as of right now I am writing a BLOG! OMG!! To be honest this is actually my first time ever creating a blog. It`s actually kind of cool just writing about a blog is so AWESOME!! Anyways speaking about blog I am going to blog about “My Life”. Really to be honest I didn`t know what to write about at first until I actually thought about it. And I chose to do “My Life”

This is the Story of My Life! And it begins!

In my life, I have a lot of priorities that are set in order such as:

  1. GOD
  5. ETC.

You see all of these represent of who I am. To me I tend to do my priorities first in my life. Setting priorities in my life is one of the best things that could ever happen. I happen to get my life situated and in order. To be honest really setting your main priorities will really benefit you in life. But really though I mainly focus on three main priorities Such as: GOD, FAMILY, and EDUCATION! I mainly focus on these three because they are very loyal and very important in my life. These three are mainly gonna be the ones that will help benefit in life of today and later in the future. It`s AWESOME!!

Therefore, also to let you know as well I am Christian as well! I am pretty much out-going and I LOVE TO SING!!!! I LOVE TO SING!!! HEY!! AWESOME!!