Staff Spotlight – Ms. Shana


Emily Magallon, Reporter

Ms.Shana is part of the campus security staff here at Chavez high school. You can most likely find her guarding the G building restrooms. She’s been part of the SUSD community for 9 years, but part of the Titan family for only one year. In fact, her one-year anniversary is this February. 

Ms. Shana attended model alternative high school and played softball in her freshman year where she was the left fielder. Unfornutonley, Ms.Shana went through teen pregnancy and could no longer do sports. She then joined a program to be a speaker for teen pregnancy for the district attorney’s office.

Ms. Shana loves reading and her favorite book is Sins of a Mother. The biggest advice someone has ever given her was to ‚Äústop blaming my childhood for my mistakes.’ 

We are more than proud to have CSM Shana as part of our Titan team!