Student store to stop carrying favorites (h)


CCHS Oracle Staff

When Cesar Chavez students return to campus in the new year, they will no longer be able to purchase certain items from the school store according to the CDE. The California Department of Education has made it clear that the items Arizona Tea, Fruit Roll-ups, and bottled water are no longer items that are safe and healthy for students to consume on a school campus. They are some of the main culprits in spreading the Covid-19 virus. 

Mike Arieda, the ASB teacher and overlord of the student store, explains, “Look, it’s simple. The CDE is who governs us and sets our rules. We are required to follow their guidelines. If they say we can no longer sell things, then we have to follow their directive. Look it really comes down to the safety of our campus to fight the spread.” However, they aren’t just taking away simple things from the students, they are taking away the favorite things of students.

Senior student and store frequenter Jaclyne Banuelos had this to say, “He-he – I go to the student store every day, right? And I cannot believe they are getting rid of my favorite things. Every day I get an Arizona sweet tea and a strawberry fruit roll-up. It’s a good lunch.”

The CDE is the governing board that oversees schools in California. They set the rules for safe and healthy food to eat. Students are not allowed to sell food on campus as it is deemed illegal according to California Education Code Section 49430. However, the student store has always been great about following the CDE and still getting the students what they want. Things, however, will be changing. As many of you remember the student store has been closed multiple times in the last couple of weeks in order to clean out inventory and send supplies back.