You Might Not Want The Closed Bathrooms Open After Hearing Why They’ve Been Shut

October 11, 2022

There have been some conversations about how there is usually only one building’s bathroom available for every student on campus. But have you ever wondered why they decided to close down every other bathroom? A majority of the time G building bathroom is open, meanwhile, the other restrooms just sit there, closed off to the students.

According to one of the CSM of CCHS, the school has been hiding something from us, and it lies behind these sealed-up bathrooms. A lot of students have heard about the haunted room on campus, but have they heard that these hauntings are spreading little by little through our campus?

At first, it seemed to be maintenance issues spreading through these restrooms, such as a sudden light flicker, a few old stalls that swayed now and then. Till the consistency sparked and our maintenance team had seen a sight that sent shivers to their bones. While everyone had left campus, it seemed to be a normal day of cleaning, which is what was heard to be expected. Not noticing a thing while the janitorial had listened to music while cleaning the A building’s restroom, a sudden hit had sent notice to this person.

As they turned around, they noticed a slight rhythmic movement from left to right of the stalls. There was no other person, no air, just a sudden movement of stalls. As this person immediately checks to see if there was anybody there, they turn back to the sound of tapping moving across the sink to the walls, as a faint sigh reach right over the person’s shoulder. The janitor immediately bolted out of the bathroom.

The little pieces of events were coming together. There on forward, for the safety of the students, the school has made the decision to close down the bathrooms, leaving the G building bathroom the only area that was not reported to have any hauntings.

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