Science Camp: From Camper to Cabin Leader


Gisela Comeaux

As many of us attended science camp in 5th grade, it was a joyful experience.  You get an assigned cabin leader, a cabin, and a different group of students you stay with for a week. You learn a lot about nature and science, such as campfires, trips to the ocean, nature hikes, wilderness viewing, songs, and even skits. Everything a 5th grader could imagine (possibly). Not only does it shape you, but it helps you understand nature a little bit more. This trip has a huge impact because its different and a new setting for many students. It is also great thing to be involved in and good energy to be around.

Now, seven years later, my perspective has changed going into science camp as cabin leader instead of a student. Being a cabin leader really helps you build a lot of different great qualities, things like staying enthusiastic, motivated,  positive, and having patience. In the beginning we are given our schedule from our naturalist (the camp leader) and showed to our cabins. We’re given information about everything we need to know during the week such as dates, times, also locations on where things are and what time to be there, as well as any other concerns. We also go over daily meetings, information, and instruction on our days and daily check ups on our kids.

We are given 10-12 kids and all their information (anything mental/physical). We are constantly reminded to be positive and set good examples, personally, I aimed to be the perfect role model for my students, as that is what I was there for. Throughout the week we are responsible for our set of kids and making sure they have the best experience at science camp. 

Connecting with your group of kids really helps with comforting for them, we eventually do things together like going to the beach, participating in multiple activities, and even doing skits! I even made multiple friends through the week and was showed a lot of generosity from new faces, overall it was pleasant and an exciting experience