Top 5 Things High School Seniors Should Know Before Going To College


Sheila Mendez

Senior year, some may want it to end and others wish they do not have to move on from such an experience. At one point you may finally have to open you eyes and realize that you have a staircase ahead of you, and to reach the top you must have to start walking up those steps one by one.

Today you are going to read about the 5 things every high school senior should know before going to college.

  1. Find out what you want to do in life

You may not have much of a clue right now, but once you enter those college doors, you’ll  have different options and many more opportunities. Find out what your “thing” is and make sure to have a passion for it. After all it is what you want to do in life, so might as well make it something worth it!

  1.      Learn to not take everything seriously.

            Sometimes it may be tough when you’re away from your family and friends. This means learning how to be more independent and not to take everything stranger’s say to heart. Sometimes it better to just stay cool and remember that your passion is what has you in college in the first place and you shouldn’t care about what others have to say.

  1. Learn how to cook/ find a place with good (cheap) food

      Without your family members being there, it’s hard getting a decent meal. This is why it must be a priority to learn how to cook. When having excessive work to do, you won’t be able to excel on an empty stomach. So get on cooking! And cooking for yourself is way cheaper than eating out. You’re in college now, you need your money. 

  1. You can have good grades and fun!

     There are many misconceptions on having fun and being able to have good grades. The key to being able to have good grades and hang out wherever the party is- is by setting up a routine. Just make sure the routine is balanced having both weighing the same and not just extensive partying all the time! You are ultimately there to get an education, but have fun WHILE doing it. 

  1. You’ll be trained for the life you make.

    College will help you have experience to take up any challenge you have in life. Now as high school students, the struggle is getting up from bed at dawn and then having to attend our classes all day, as well as going home and having to do homework and chores. When you enter college you’ll be doing the same thing just a bit more advanced, but that shouldn’t make you give up. You got it!